This site provides chamber location information for general information and enquires only.  If you have come to this site because you are seeking medical advice or contact details for the treatment of a Decompression Illness, please contact your local Diving Emergency Services Number (i.e. Australia 1800 088200 or New Zealand 800 4DES 000).  These numbers are manned by clinicians with a great deal of experience in the provision of advice for the diving emergencies.

Your local EMS are not geared for dive medical advice or referral.  Most cases of decompression illness are rarely urgent, however, if you have serious concerns, and/or the diver's condition is deteriorating, please call your local EMS (Australia 000, New Zealand 111.

We do this in an effort to get divers with a suspected Decompression Illness into hospital care as soon as possible.  People have been known to drive past a healthcare facility to get to a Recompression Chamber when the best option is to use existing emergency services for an injured diver.

If you suspect a diver has a diving related injury you should:

  • Monitor Airway, Breathing, Circulation Provide 100 percent oxygen if availible,
  • Call the numbers above for advice - even if you think the diver is recovering.