The HTNA executive committee is facing challenges due to the cancellation of the 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), and the absence of other hyperbaric facilities willing to host the event. We recognizes the changing landscape and are committed to adapting to these changes. Given the circumstances, it's important for the HTNA executive committee to explore alternative ways to fulfill the organization's mission and maintain it's commitment to members.

Communicating openly with members about these challenges, and the committee's dedication to the mission will help maintain transparency and foster continued support. The HTNA executive committee express it's gratitude towards members for their understanding while providing ongoing support which will only reinforces the sense of community within the association.

The HTNA executive committee remain committed to their mission of advancing hyperbaric technology, and we look forward to bringing you future events that will enrich the industry and facilitate connections among our healthcare professionals. Thank you for your understanding and your continued support.

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